Summer is Here!

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Summer is here! (Though who can tell). We're very busy preparing for It's Your Move lessons in primary schools across the city. The Point took a slightly different turn this month, with no speaker and lots of prayer stations. It was full of the spirit and we had a great time with God. Next month we have Simon Campling speaking on using what God has given.

Don't forget the Leprosy Mission Event on the 7th of June - click here for more details.

For those of you taking exams this month, remember these 4 tips!

  • Find a revision space that works for you & be realistic about how much you can get done
  • Ask for help and ask a teacher, parent or friend to test you on your revision
  • Look after yourself, make sure you drink and eat plenty!
  • Know where your exams are before you go to avoid any extra stress
Matt Wild

By Matt Wild

Director at CROPS

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