“In all the places I used to be anxious, I’m not anxious anymore”

This is just one reason.

This Christmas we want to celebrate 10,000 reasons.

Here’s why:

In January 2017, CROPS launched ‘CROPS Mentoring’. We believe that EVERY young person should have someone they can talk to about the significant issues they are facing.

Ben’s year had been difficult. A family illness, recent bereavement and a parent who showed no interest in him, left Ben feeling emotionally exhausted. Upcoming exams added to the pressure. Long overdue built up tears flowed in his first few sessions. He apologised,

‘I’m sorry, but I’ve just been holding this in for so long, I felt like I needed to be the strong one for everyone else because I was the one holding it all together’.

Months later life around Ben is still unsettled, but he tells us that he feels different! He feels more equipped to recognise and deal with his emotions. He faces the future with new found confidence, less fear and anxiety. He knows how to deal with his anxiety and he’s putting it into practice.

As this year draws to a close, CROPS Mentoring hits the milestone of giving 10,000 mentoring sessions in our local secondary schools! That’s 10,000 opportunities to give the precious commodity of time to students who need someone to talk to.

Would you support CROPS this Christmas and make a gift to our ‘10,000 reasons‘ campaign?

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