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Equal Opportunities at CROPS

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What is the CROPS gap year?

Since 1989, CROPS has given the opportunity to many young people to come on board and spend a year working with us. For the majority this is prior to university or further training, and gives access to wider experiences, working in varied environments and contexts.

Whether you are looking to go in to education, business, the non-profit sector or exploring a vocational calling into Christian ministry, a year with CROPS is worth considering. You will take part in all aspects of our work from back office administration to front end delivery of work in schools and with young people in our projects.

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One generation will commend Your works to another; they will tell of Your mighty acts
Psalm 145:4

The CROPS gap year is a chance to get involved in the full variety of CROPS ministry.

The year is packed with primary & secondary school work (assemblies, RE days and lessons, clubs, Christian unions and more), as well as CROPS youth events such as TOGETHER, the Letton Hall Houseparty.

The CROPS gap year is not just a time to give, but also to receive. At CROPS we believe in the development of our gap year team and aim to give you experiences to stretch and grow your gifts, abilities and confidence.

Further info

For more information about the CROPS gap year, or to request an application form please email us at crops@crops.org.uk.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are applying for a university place through UCAS we would like your gap year applications to reach us by early November so that interviews can be conducted in time. However, if you are not looking to enter higher education or enquiring later in the year – please still get in touch.