A Retreat for those aged 18-30

CROPS are partnering with Peterborough Diocese to bring this retreat to you.

Awake My Soul 3-6 April 2018 at The Stables, Letton Hall. Join us.

2018 Theme: The Jesus Way - This April come and join us for a retreat that at its heart is about getting back to what it means to follow Jesus. The bottom line is this: You can’t be a Christian (literally ‘little Christ’), without being a disciple. Discipleship is about apprenticeship to Jesus. This is for those who want to experience the life of Jesus, and it’s accessible to those who adopt the lifestyle of Jesus. At some point we need to move on past just listening and learning to actually having a go at doing what Jesus said! Let’s go…

Awake my Soul is a retreat, an opportunity to look back and take stock of what’s been happening. Time to gain fresh perspective on where we are going, space to reflect on what God is saying and doing in our lives now. Whether you’re at college, uni, an apprenticeship or work, we’d love you to come. This is time set aside for you, and for your soul to be nourished.

Jason Royce

This year we are excited to have Jason Royce who leads Souster Youth along for the journey, as our speaker-retreat facilitator. Jason will be leading the sessions during the retreat and there will be plenty of time to reflect individually, time set aside for worship, discussion, space to pray and be prayed for if you would like this.

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